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Redefining Rehabilitation with Cutting-Edge Technology

Hopebotics is using innovative cutting-edge technology to provide more compassionate assistance to individuals with physical disabilities.

Through Hopebotics AI assessment software, individuals of all ages can now access tailored upper-limb devices and training programs.

Hopebotics HandTasker, use unique portable, wearable flexible actuator and 3D printing technology to fit the Soft Robotic Hand for Training Daily Tasks with natural hand movements. Its intention-driven technology with EMG biofeedback significantly facilitates brain motor relearning. The Hopebotics Interactive Sensor can recognize the position of objects and hands, facilitating seamless interaction with everyday items and making tedious training more fun. As we combined the BCI brainwave technology with our wearable robotics, we have developed a new rehabilitation training ecosystem.

XoMuscle is a type of biomimetic artificial muscle that imitates the structure of human skeletal muscles, and excel in various aspects such as stress, strain, power density, and efficiency, surpassing natural muscles. Currently, it is the only technology capable of achieving such a significant breakthrough. It’s remarkable driving capacity and lightweight design allow it to effectively drive all injured joints.

Intelligent Soft Textile-based Knee Robot, the intelligent soft textile-based knee robot utilizes lightweight and flexible textile materials to create the pneumatic actuator, and is equipped with a knee joint sleeve made of skin-friendly and breathable fabric. It applies strong extension torque to assist individuals with weakened knee extensor muscles in standing and walking without exerting pressure on their sensitive popliteal fossa. It is suitable for use by both adults and children. In addition to the knee joint, the intelligent soft textile robot can also be used on different joints such as the wrist and elbow.

Interactive Gait Training System, this new treadmill platform utilizes advanced split-belt treadmill technology combined with multiple sensors to perform real-time data detection, analysis, and intelligent adjustment. It helps users improve their walking posture and movement patterns by providing personalized training programs. The platform can be integrated with various intelligent assistance devices to enhance the effectiveness of workouts.

Rehabilitation is not the end of treatment, but the beginning of a new life. Hopebotics light up the hope of life with technology.

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