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CUHK Professor Tong Kai-Yu's Team Invited to Tuen Mun Hospital, Sharing Latest Advances in Rehabilitation Therapy Devices

On June 19, 2024, Professor Tong Kai-Yu's team from The Chinese University of Hong Kong was invited to Tuen Mun Hospital to present their cutting-edge rehabilitation therapy devices to local doctors and therapists. These innovative devices represent a significant leap forward in rehabilitation technology, aimed at rebuilding patients' neural networks through robotic-assisted training to restore limb functionality.

Hopebotics HandTasker

The Hopebotics HandTasker integrates a robotic hand with natural hand movements for daily task training. Driven by intention, it significantly enhances motor relearning in the brain through EMG biofeedback, aiding patients in recovering hand functions. XoMuscle

XoMuscle is a bio-inspired artificial muscle that mimics the structure of human skeletal muscles. It is currently the world's only technology capable of achieving this breakthrough in artificial muscle, providing exceptional driving power and lightweight characteristics to operate joints throughout the body, revolutionizing rehabilitation therapy.

Intelligent Soft Textile-based Knee Robot

The Intelligent Soft Textile-based Knee Robot assists patients in standing and walking, suitable for adults and children. Beyond knees, it can be applied to various joints like wrists and elbows, effectively enhancing patients' daily mobility.

Interactive Gait Training System

This innovative treadmill platform utilizes advanced belt technology and multiple sensors for real-time data analysis and intelligent adjustment. It helps users improve their walking posture and movement patterns, offering personalized training programs that can be tailored with various smart assistive devices for targeted improvement in exercise effectiveness.

These advanced rehabilitation therapy devices promise a more efficient recovery experience, reigniting hope and rebuilding a better quality of life for patients.

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