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Powerful artificia
l muscles
Bionic, compact, high power and efficiency
A customizable rehabilitation solution

Won the Gold Medal and the Special Award at the 2023 Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions 


About ExoMuscle: A Bionic Artificial Muscle for Wearable Robots

ExoMuscle is a bionic artificial muscle that mimics the structure of skeletal muscle, surpassing it in terms of stress, strain, power density, and efficiency. Its adjustable architecture allows it to achieve variable actuation stress up to 0.9 MPa, making it suitable for use in various joints and muscles of the upper limbs. Additionally, ExoMuscle can be customized to meet the needs of different stroke patients during rehabilitation. This promising technology has the potential to revolutionize wearable robots and stroke rehabilitation.



Bionic design

Compact and flexible 

High power and efficiency 

Quickly produced using 3D printing technique and wiring machine built by the team.

Capable of lifting a 20kg water bucket. 



Due to ExoMuscle's sufficient strength and flexibility, it can be applied to various joints and muscles, aiding individuals in restoring their mobility and alleviating pain

Tow DoFs shoulder ExoMuscle for shoulder rehabilitation

One DoF elbow ExoMuscle for elbow rehabilitation

Three DoFs wrist ExoMuscle  for wrist rehabilitation

Lower limb ExoMuscle for walking assistance

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